S. Toufeeq Ahmed, MS, PhD

Computer Scientist and Health Informatics Researcher


I'm Toufeeq. I build patient-centric health care apps that try to change the world—or just make taking care of our health easier.

I created MyMedEffects, a social media tool to share and and self-report medication side effects, and BioEve Search, a novel search framework to enable interactive literature search.

Currently, I am finishing up two-year National Library of Medicine Research Fellowship at Dept. of BioMedical Informatics at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

I am a computer scientist with expertise in biomedical natural language processing, text mining, question answering systems, information retrieval, data integration, bio-medical ontologies (UMLS, MeSH, RxNorm) and adaptive user interfaces, and have more than twenty peer-reviewed publications in these research areas. I received Arizona State University’s Challenges Innovator Award 2010 for my PhD dissertation work with faceted search and bio-medical information extraction and had the privilege of giving an invited talk at TEDx Phoenix 2010.

Previously, I served as CTO of a NSF funded social recommendation startup (Theophilus Inc.) and have interned at Intel Corp and Insightful Corp (now Tibco).

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Awards and Honors

Peer-reviewed Journal, Conference, and Workshop Publications

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Previous Work

I made significant contribution to Minerva project with Dr. Hasan Davulcu and Dr. Tom Taylor, check out event thread extraction interface.

I led team in designing and developing MAISON project (with Dr. K. Selçuk Candan) accessible user interface/search for individuals who are blind and visually impaired (http://maison.asu.edu). I have also developed Data Rover, an automated agent for extracting product information from shopping portals, and a new technique for boosting item keyword search. And have participated in projects for 3D Motif Mining from Protein Structures and Protein Classification.

For ASU’s School of Human Evolution, I researched and developed an application that enables complex querying over legacy datasets by merging and mapping OWL ontologies (http://cadi.asu.edu/).  Previously, I also contributed to Dr. Chitta Baral‘s collaborative bio-curation  project CbioC and AS3 (Adaptable Situation-Aware Secure Service-Based) systems with Dr. Stephen Yau.

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